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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Columbia Eats: Bone-In Artisan Barbeque on Wheels

Bone-In Artisan Barbeque on Wheels may be the one reason for locals to frantically activate a twitter account. Cilantro-lime slaw, pulled pork on homemade focaccia, and fresh handcut chips? St. Louis Style Ribs with a spicy cornbread and smoky beans? Mac and Greek, stuffed with feta, artichoke hearts, and more? Yes please!

Gourmet food became mobile in the midlands earlier this year when chef Scott Hall hit the streets of Columbia with the Bone-In Artisan Barbeque food truck. An executive chef who's spent over a decade in NY, Hall brings not only Carolina barbeque to the streets, but a variety of styles that he's picked up from his time away from the South, providing a varied menu to suit everyone's tastes.

Wednesday's special menu featured St. Louis Style Ribs, a fall-off-the-bone rib slathered in a sweet, smoky orange-hoisin sauce with a side of cornbread and beans. The beans were fresh and covered with bits of bacon for smokiness, but a little hit-and-miss as some of the beans were not fully-cooked. The sweet and meaty ribs more then made up for it though.

Bone-In always seems to carry two staples in the menu, the vinegar based pulled pork sandwich and shredded hickory hoisin beef brisket sandwiches on focaccia bread, both served with fresh cut chips or salad and cilantro lime slaw. I opted for the pulled pork which didn't disappoint, coming in heaping amounts on the buttery focaccia bread. You can definitely taste the bright vinegar flavors coming out of the pulled pork, and the focaccia bread helped keep it in check, making for a nice tandem. The fresh cut chips were well-seasoned, but a little on the buttery side - a slight turnoff after the already buttery focaccia. Even with the cilantro lime slaw, I somewhat wish I'd went with the micro green salad instead of chips to cut through some of the richness of the meal. The cilantro lime slaw was light and refreshing though, a welcome change of pace between the chips and sandwich.

No Reservations, a Shakedown of Bone-In
Cost: Bone-In Chips with brisket, pimento cheese, and
more is the budget meal at $6. Most meals average $9.
Try: Beef brisket or pulled pork sandwiches.
Opt for a salad to keep things light!
Trying to find Bone-In? Find out where they're at and what's new on the menu at

The Final Verdict
With a constantly rotating menu of specials and barbeque fit for anyone's tastes, Bone-In Artisan Barbeque offers a refreshing new face in the Columbia scene. The portions are generous, the food is inviting, and the daily buzz around the scene about the truck shows that the midlands have already more then welcomed the food truck invasion with open arms. If Bone-In Artisan and 2 Fat 2 Fly are any indication, it looks like Cola's food scene has many great surprises to come as it continues to mature.

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Tracie Broom said...

Hi Bach! Love your post! Would it be ok if we post your photos on the Bone-In Artisan BBQ truck website, credited accordingly?

Bach Pham said...

Thanks, and yes, feel free to use of the of the photos!

Tracie Broom said...

Hey Bach! What's your email? Send it to me at tracie [ at ]

Jade Graham said...

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