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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On the Prowl: Rosewood Market and Deli in Columbia, SC

A busy day running errands and a desire for something cheap, healthy and tasty led me to Rosewood Market today for a quick bite to eat. Columbia's best natural foods store has been a staple of the Rosewood   area since 1973 (!), providing locals with both healthy food options and a quaint deli selection of local gourmet items. They're also are proud to be one of the most environmentally friendly stores in the midlands; whether they are sending their compost to nearby neighbor City Roots or reusing boxes by giving them to Harvest Hope Food Bank, Rosewood Market is always looking for ways to maintain a healthy message both in their food and values. It doesn't hurt that their food is pretty tasty too.

The deli at Rosewood is a lot different from your average deli, providing a host of select seasonal gourmet items including pasta and vegetable salads, various quiches and European/Middle Eastern baked items. Though it is a health food store carrying mostly vegetarian offerings, you can still find some pretty soul-satisfying dishes here to help ignore your carnivore cravings. Today I decided to go for something quick and cool for the hot summer weather, opting for a small portion of their gazpacho along with an enticing spinach and cheese biscuits. The biscuit was spot on: flaky, cheesy, and buttery soft, it was a great side to go along with the zesty, vegetable-packed gazpacho, all of which only set me back for well under $5.

Perhaps the best part about shopping at Rosewood is their selection of bulk bin items. Whether you need lentils, grains, quinoa, or other bulk items, there's a good chance Rosewood has it, and for prices that won't leaving you reeling. If you cook with any of these items on a regular basis, then Rosewood Market is definitely the place you want to be running to. The portions are good, the people are friendly, the food is great, and the prices are reasonable. What more could you ask for? Support local and check them out when you are in the Rosewood area. 

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