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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Greenville (NC) Eats: Christy's Euro Pub

So, everyone needs a local hangout, and I guess Christy's Euro Pub has become mine. In a town full of bars, this may be the best, both bang for your buck and, well, in general for anyone in the Greenville area. It's definitely more for the older crowd looking for actual food, drinks and a reserved group compared to the insanity that breaks out each evening in the downtown area. If you are looking for a place to get wasted and score, you probably already know where to go and can stop reading now, but for anyone looking to have some good food, relax with friends, and a cold beer, this is exactly where you want to be.

Food-wise, there's really two things you want to know. The first is this:

Four dollar specials, a student's best friend seven days a week. A few of these look standard-y, but all are most-definitely full-bodied, filling meals that you'll likely be satisfied with any day of the week. My favorite is the Sunday special, the spicy turkey reuben on marble rye with thousand island dressing and a mild kraut. I'd easily pay a little more for it any day. The gyro is my least favorite. I don't know if it's the lamb or what, but I just feel it's missing a little something. Locals still seem to enjoy it though, so maybe it's just me. They also have their garbage spaghetti, piled with an assortment of stuff as the name implies as an everyday special. A good deal for those days where the wallet is a bit on the light side.

And the second thing. Christy's main menu is pretty well stacked with everyone's favorites, most of which are pretty satisfying, but the one thing that I've come to enjoy is their rotating special's menu. Best when St. Patrick's day rolls around, but also good during their various international kicks, Christy's features a pretty eclectic lists of specials on occasion that sometimes can amaze. On the surface, it's not the kind of place you'd think you'd find Moroccan sandwiches and salads or random Mediterranean fare, but they can definitely surprise with some interesting choices throughout the year, making the pub a worthwhile place to frequent. Even if you don't order from the special's menu for an entree, consider some of the special's for a side if you'd like a change of pace from the usual order of fries (which are homemade, not the greatest, but on some days unusually satisfying). Those who just want to stick to the comfort picks though should find what they need to cut their cravings here. The thick, juicy burgers in particular tend to hit home, the oozing cardiac burger (bacon, fried egg burger) and the smokehouse (bacon, onion ring, barbecue sauce) being two of my favorites, especially after a rough day out.

No Reservations, the Shakedown on Christy's
Atmosphere: The most local bar in town, a good hangout.
Costs: $4-8,9. Can't be beat. Half price appetizers in
the evenings on most days I believe. Drink specials for days.
Try: Smokehouse burger and the spicy turkey
Never fear: Vegetarian options are limited, but
there if you are willing to be flexible.

Though I have some small complaints (flies can be a bother on those hot, sticky days in the patio, fries can be better some days, etc.), Euro Pub is still the place to go bar-wise and where I tend to merrily be for a good chunk of the year. They treat their customers well and punch out some good, occasionally great food out of the kitchen on a daily basis, and is one of a very, very small handful of places in town that I consider to be an ideal place to chill and hangout after a hard day in the classroom. Sometimes atmosphere goes a long way when it comes to a restaurant. Fortunately enough, Christy's got atmosphere and good eats to go with it.

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