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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Odds and Ends: Brunch at Tipsy Teapot in Greenville, NC

Brunch, I hear among chefs is one of the most disliked things a line cook could possibly ever want to do. After a busy day of orders on Saturday night, the last thing that most would want to do with their time is make hollandaise sauce for Benedict eggs or send out fifty omelets early on a Sunday morning. Though the food can be great, even spectacular some places, brunch in reality is generally just a fancy offshoot of what most restaurants do flat out better at any other time of the week.

With that in mind, it is awfully nice to have a place like Tipsy Teapot, who is not really known for being a restaurant location as much as it is a tea shop, and get a really lovingly crafted brunch from scratch, buffet style at that. The fact that on most occasions it is only on the second Sunday of the month makes it an even more sought out meal during the East Carolina school year, a genuinely pleasant event to look forward to and enjoy in a town where few food events tend to go down.

The brunch buffet at Tipsy is somewhat modest, but genuine. Ham, bacon, sausage, eggs scrambled and in a quiche are there along with a few variations on potatoes and a roasted vegetable dish or two. Best of all in the hot section may be the shrimp and grits, a cheesy, creamy, slightly tangy and spicy pile of love that magically brings everything together and makes it all wonderful. Shrimp and grits is hard to find made well and for an affordable price in Greenville, so to have all you can handle for brunch once a month is quite a lovely thing. If one is lucky, they may also find some of Tipsy's special oatmeal, a sweet and cinnamon-y blend that is too die for.

On the pastry side of the counter on the opposite end you can find some real gems including the lightest, fluffiest little muffins you'll ever see and some seriously addicting sweet treats that you'll find yourself quickly piling onto your plate at first sight. Make sure you save room for their trifle though, a sweet and succulent tray of strawberries, cream and cake that is worth going back for second and thirds. Round that out with Tipsy's assortment of tea (usually black current and jasmine) or coffee and you'll find yourself spending a very nice early Sunday afternoon filling up on arguably Greenville's best brunch. If you find yourself free in the Greenville area during the second Sunday of the month, I couldn't think of a better way to spend it then eating yourself silly at Tipsy Teapot.

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