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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Greenville Eats: Winslow's Tavern

Winslow's Tavern is the kind of place that you'd like every city to have. With its upscale wine and dine facility and large array of fairly-priced beers on tap, it's the kind of place that brings in both the students and professors without all the annoyances that often come with undergraduate drinking.

My party of five decided to drop by for one of the restaurants many special deals this past Sunday - brunch, of course. Unlike your average brunch buffet, however, this came packed with champagne and mimosa specials which definitely peaked our interest.

After ordering our drinks, we hit the buffet line to check out their spread. Modest in size, the line had plenty of the basics: biscuits, fruit, hash browns, a cheese omelet, random assortments of pastries, bacon and even parfait was on the menu. Though frighteningly borderlining on a continental breakfast rather then brunch - both in terms of quality and presentation - the "brunch" portion started to show with the other assortment of goods. Whether or not they were "good" is a whole other story though.

The first was a potato and onion/pepper sort of hash brown/casserole. While edible, it somewhat reminded me more of a store bought hash, and only slightly heated. The chicken and rice wasn't particularly better: the glob of salty gravy on top left a memorable impression on me that I don't think I'd like to remember.

Even more problematic was the french toast concoction which had a banana base. Obviously a bit burnt on the bottom, the toast itself was too dry to touch while the bananas had that bottom-of-the-pan taste. There was also a potato casserole which just isn't worth mentioning as well.

Basically, the truth of the matter is that the brunch turned out to be a disappointment on the whole for the price. That's not to say everything at Winslow's is bad though: its selections of appetizers and sandwiches definitely looked immensely more appealing. The hot chips, their twist away from the standard fries, are definitely a plus for casual drinkers looking for a bite to eat and share. The variety of sandwiches and some of the chances they take on the menu are pretty standard. Though substantial, few make an impression or duplicate the the quality of the actual bar itself.

No Reservations, The Shakedown on Winslow's
Atmosphere: Classiest bar in town.
Cost: Far too expensive. $8-10 for
most entrees (all of which are mostly sandwiches)
Try: Beer. Fantastic selection.
Don't: Eat the food, or come looking for sexy party.

The Final Verdict

My opinion of Winslows is pretty cut and dry: if you are looking for an upscale, atmospheric location to drink and chat at a decent price, Winslows is the place for you. Its variety makes it an ideal spot for those looking to sample some options a bit more exotic then the normal budlight/miller fare around town. The drink specials are frequent and seem to change often, so definitely inquire for the best deals. The food, however, is a bit on the pricey side, even with the offerings being reasonably substantial. The Sunday brunch itself proved to be a very hit-and-miss deal that doesn't cry for a second chance. If you do plan to eat, you can check out the appetizers and sandwiches, but don't expect anything life altering.

It's been well-noted in reviews of the restaurant that the service can be a burden. Both times that I've ventured there, however, my group has been decently taken care of. Though a few hiccups were apparent when business picked up, we never had any major problems to cry home about. If you are looking for something fast and efficient, perhaps you should look elsewhere; those looking to settle in and enjoy the evening should feel pretty cozy at this upscale hangout.

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