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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Greenville (NC) Eats: Acasia's Tipsy Teapot

Tipsy Teapot is like the Amazon of the real world. It's a cafe, it's a bookstore, a jazz club, part-time organic grocery store, meeting venue, once-a-month Sunday brunch locale, and just a really cool, chill place to be at any time of the day. Oh, and you can have some tea too.

First and foremost though, Tipsy is a cafe filled with a variety of organic sandwiches, wraps, and various treats alongside their collection of tea. Some places would just serve you a glass of tea, but not Tipsy. Expect to have a nice, long seat while they provide you a full kettle set of your choice - the orange spice mate being a personal favorite. People on the go during a hot Greenville day can also select from some iced teas, particularly the black currant, a sweet, fruity, and refreshing tea perfect there or on the go.

Menu-wise most of their food leans towards the sandwich variety. Vegetarians will feel right at home with the large list of fruit and vegetable choices, including a delicious vegetarian lasagna. On my visits there thus far, I've tried the veggie sandwich - stuffed with all kinds of sprouts and various things - and the Havarti pear, an open faced sandwich topped with walnuts and fresh herbs. The rich, salty havarti cheese paired nicely, making for a pretty satisfying meal. Tipsy's sides include a variety of choices such as fresh fruit or bean salad. Definitely spring for the salad which easily tops the other choices by miles with it's fresh, flavorful mix of various starchy beans. Perhaps best of all thus far has been the veggie lasagna, a gooey pile of roasted vegetables and enough cheese to keep you satisfied for weeks on end.

For people looking for a brunch spot on say, oh, the second Sunday of each month should definitely check out Tipsy Teapot. A spread featuring a large array of good eats including made-to-order crepes, fresh nonstop black currant tea and coffee, and select organic casseroles, Tipsy without a doubt gives you a bang for your buck.

No Reservations, The Shakedown on Tipsy Teapot
Atmosphere: Casual cool with a dose of hippy.
Cost: A little high, but for quality ingredients fair, $7-10
Try: Sunday Brunch, and the Veggie Lasagna
Don't: Get be afraid of bean salad, Tipsy's gets major credit for the bold and bright flavor in this side.

The Final Verdict
While the food may not be tremendously exciting for some, Tipsy still provides a host of sandwiches and teas to keep most happy. The prices are a little steep - in the $7-10 range - but still holds up to most places in the downtown area regardless. Anyone simply looking for a place to relax, do some reading, and enjoy some tea will find the cafe a beautiful place to be.

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