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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seattle Eats: A Tour of the Town, Part 2

Two months late, but better late then never right? In the first part of our tour, we took a look at a few dives in and around the much-beloved Pike's Place area. Today we're hitting the rest of the town as we check out the second half of my trip to the beautiful city of Seattle back in March.

First up, Uwajimaya.
Type of Food: Various Asian
Location: International District

Uwajimaya is Seattle's local Asian superstore, featuring just about everything to fit your Asian cooking needs. Tucked in the corner of the store is the market's food court, where a variety of sights, smells, and sounds await hungry travelers. I personally love the smell of roasted duck, fried pig and related goodness in the morning, afternoon... and evening. And sometimes past midnight. It didn't take long for me to find the roasted duck stand where I stood drooling for ten minutes as I waited to be served.

Than Brothers
Type of Food: Vietnamese
Location: All over the damn place.

With thirteen restaurants around the city, the Than Brothers certainly seem to have taken a strong command of the pho scene in Seattle. Is it the best pho in town? That I'm not so sure, but those looking to venture for Vietnamese food will still be incredibly pleased with the comforts provided by the Brothers. Vegetarians will also be pleased to find a rich, sweet vegetarian pho to fit their taste, something that can be somewhat of a rarity in other Vietnamese locations.

Snoqualmie Falls Brewery
Type of Food: Casual Bar Fare
Location: Snoqualmie Falls. Duh.

About twenty miles out of town near the beautiful Snoqualmie falls is the, well, Snoqualmie Falls brewery. Our travel group stopped in for a few beers and enjoyed some of brews along with the spinach and artichoke dip - a warm and comforting bite perfect for the cold, rainy day.

Spice Route
Type of Food: South Indian
Location: Bellevue

Unfortunately I have no photo to show the immensity of Spice Route's dosas - Indian crepes that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and fillings. Alongside a few traditional condiments, the dosas make for an incredibly satisfying meal filled with wildly different combinations of flavors from first to last bite. Highly recommended.

Gingogae Korean Restaurant
Type of Food: Korean
Location: Shoreline

Bibimbap may be the most full proof dish in the restaurant business. Throw rice in a pot, top with Korean vegetables and korean bbq, slap a fried egg on top and mash into glory. Simple, yet deliciously soulful in ways that are hard to explain. Paired with the usual eight-to-ten Korean side dishes and a warm cup of barley tea (a nice touch on Gingogae's part), bibimbap a full-bodied meal that's sure to hit the spot each and every time.

That's it for this trip! Thanks to my travel companions for the wonderful tour of the city, I would never have eaten as well without you guys. ;)

Bonus Footage

Roasted Duck at Uwajimaya

Sampler at Snoqualmie Falls Brewery.

Korean side dishes at Gingogae


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