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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Columbia's Food Truck Scene Under Fire

It's no secret to anyone in South Carolina that Columbia's food truck scene has been in an intense battle with city council and local restaurant owners who wish to heavily restrict and ultimately push the mobile food industry out of town. The emergence of food trucks in the past year have been an incredible asset to the community, bringing a host of fresh, culinary ideas to the city and making Columbia's food scene expand in ways never seen before. This whole wave of success, however, may be in for a downward spiral soon as proposed amendments by the city council are currently in the process of being deliberated. Fellow Columbia blogger The Hungry Lady recently posted an excellent summary of the situation at hand. Click here to check out the situation and find out what you can do help save Columbia's food truck scene.

Also check out Bone-in Artisan Barbecue and Columbia's Food Truck Rodeo facebook page to get the latest word on the ongoing battle in Columbia. Good luck to the Food Trucks!


The Hungry Lady said...

Thanks for the shout out and linkage! Hopefully City Council will shoot this measure down.

Christin said...

Such a shame. In an economy like this, local government needs to make it easier for small businesses to get up and going, not harder.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that a small group of people cant see this truck movement a an enhancement not only to the economy of the city but also as an anhancement of what Columbia has to offer.
Competition is what make a business better. What makes this country great us that if you have a dream this is the place to do it. The goverment and the influential restaurant owners should stop making the life misserable for this small bussines owners who are trying to earn a living as everyone is in this destryed economy

Anonymous said...

In California the trucks are a part of everyday life in the city. I think your city needs to come into the future. The food trucks are a asset in the community and in emergencies they an excellent. Come to California and you will enjoy the food and the people who visit the trucks, Doctors, Judges, Police Personal,students, faculty, actors, yes even congressmen. So get on board!

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