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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Greenville (NC) Eats: Coffee Shack

Tucked away in its
own parallel universe
between Greenville and Winterville, the Coffee Shack is a charming and spacious getaway from the East Carolina University life.
Featuring a small array of sandwiches and deserts, it isn't by any means a giant culinary monster worth jumping into, but as a coffee and desert shop it has it's redeeming qualities that keep it in competition with the much-talked about Scullery in the heart of Greenville.

So... I don't like the sandwiches at Coffee Shack. I hate to be so forward, but it's the honest truth. The sandwiches in principle, like the spicy slider or various panini's, sound enticing, but none of them have been a memorable experience to my knowledge. The slider was kind of this thin, chewy flatbread thing with some overly cooked cheese. The panini's fair slightly better, but usually don't do much for this eater. Their sides are better and more flavorful, but Coffee Shack has other more important offerings to digest for those looking for a small bite, namely the oh-so-sinister line of rotating deserts.

Packed into the cabinet next to the register and the counter in front of the coffee are Coffee Shack's creations. You'll regularly find cupcakes, muffins, and danishes in the glass cabinet, all of which are fine and reliable for a mid-paper break, but on the counter is exciting stuff where their pies and cakes tend to be. With the holiday season recently, they've had a long line of pecan and pumpkin pies, sometimes even both as seen on the left with the "why did I never think of this creation" known as the pumpkin pie with pecan crumble. Topped with a cool dollop of whip cream, it's a lovely way to spend a part of the day. Other pies featured recently include an espresso chocolate pecan pie and deep dish chocolate pecan pie, and more recently a host of cinnamon rolls such as the "chocolate, chocolate cinnamon roll" has made its way to their counter.

Compared to the Scullery, I would say that Coffee Shack trails a bit behind in terms of food and even coffee itself, which doesn't have the kick and quality you'd expect from a coffee shop. The latte's are a bit of a savior though, make sure you are on the lookout for their twisted holiday twists for some devilish drinks. Overall, there's much more refinement in Greenville's Scullery and a host of more exciting eats offered there daily, but for students or anyone looking for a place to work and enjoy some desert in Greenville, I would put the Shack just a notch above the Scullery who just doesn't measure up in terms of baked goods. The Coffee Shack space itself is larger and contains a variety of areas suited to a variety of needs, including a private room often used for small parties and events. And they have a drive-through. How awesome is that?

If you are looking for a fast and quality meal, this is not a recommended location in either Greenville or Winterville, but if you are in search of something sweet to eat and a place to kick back your feet, the Coffee Shack is a tough place to beat.

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