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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chew on This: "Dolsot Bibimbap" at Tasty Korean BBQ in Greenville, SC

Korean food, unlike Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and even Vietnamese cuisine is a genre of Asian eats that is generally unknown by most of the public. You might hear of Korean barbecue, or kim chi, but beyond that it is sometimes rare for people to know what they are doing going into a restaurant. My personal recommendation is going for the dolsot bibimbap (read exactly how it looks). Served in a sizzlingly hot stone bowl, it's basically a bowl of rice served with a variety of vegetables and some Korean barbecue meat. To eat, take a fork and mix everything together, allowing that beautiful fried egg on top to slather and do its magic, and then squirt a little of the bean paste handed to you on the side and mix one for time. With the sizzling hot stone bowl, you get this wonderful crispy, sweet rice mixed in with all the ingredients, making for an incredibly comforting bite. If that wasn't enough as is, the dish is served with "banchan," a series of traditional side dishes. The best here is the sweet, cold mashed potato and somewhat fearsome appearing, but satisfying bean noodles. The combination of the sweet, salty, fresh, and spicy side dishes with the bibimbap make for a rewarding lunch or dinner any time of the week. For those in Columbia, you can hit up either DJ House or O Bok for this traditional bite.


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