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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Local Food News - April '12

It's been kind of a crazy time for this busy blogger, but there's been a lot of good local news going on in Greenville, North Carolina that needs to be talked about asap. Perhaps most exciting for local foodies is the return of the farmer's market! The Pitt County Farmer's Market kicked back into action in recent weeks with the first produce of the Spring. Head over on Saturday's for some delicious fruit empanadas while shopping for local produce!

What's currently in season at the market:
Sweet Potatoes
Green Onion

Also, the Umbrella Market is kicking back into gear May 2nd. Every Wednesday this summer starting around 5 PM, locals can find more great local produce right in downtown. Make sure you stop out by for some food and fun in the sun Wednesday's this summer if you are in the Greenville area!

Restaurant Buzz
A few new local restaurants have started to come up in town recently, specifically a couple of bar and lounges. The first is Skyy Bar off 10th St, which features live jazz music and the recently hip trend of chicken and waffles. The Quarry Restaurant and Bar also opened its door not long ago, adding a fresh new face to the ECU area.


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