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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Update: What's Happening in Columbia, South Carolina

So, it's been kind of busy in the capital city this week. Things moving around, new places opening, and a lot of events either around the corner or in the making. About seven years ago when I moved to Columbia, SC, admittedly it kind of sucked living here. Nothing was going on outside of a few festivals and the food scene was kind of a whisper. In the past few years though, some good souls have done wonders in changing all of that, and now the cities buzzing with events all the freaking the time. Check out what's going on this week:

Cafe Strudel Reopens at its New Location on 300 State St.

Strudel closed it's doors last month to make a short move down the street to its new, larger location on State St., adding more hours and more events to their menu. You can still get those amazing hangover hashbrowns seen here that earned them a mention in Southern Living, or try out their new Vista West Sandwich, a roast beef thing that comes more excitingly with duck fat fries. They're also doing Sunday suppers every week from 5-10 PM. Round up a few friends or family and head over to Strudel for a family style meal this weekend!

Drip Starts Construction on New Main Street Location

Nickelodeon Theater helped push the word this week on facebook that they'll be getting some nice new neighbors soon with the construction of a second Drip in the works. Two places to get the best coffee in town along with incredible baked goods and a host of amazing sandwiches? Yes, please. Keep a tab on things at Drip on Main's facebook page.

New Restaurant Called "The Oak Table" Opens this Week on Main!

Foraged salads, truffled fries, duck confit fritters, and hearty entrees, the Oak Table promises solid American bistro dining on Main, bringing a new affordable lunch spot to the table along with a new upscale evening eatery all in one. Their menu is a lot of American favorites, but with some clever culinary twists here and there to set them apart. The menu sounds promising, here's hoping for yet another welcome addition to the continuing Main Street renovation.

Viva la Vista is Back this Weekend!

Food and music collide in the Vista this Saturday with the yearly festival, featuring loads of great eats from your favorite Vista restaurants including Motor Supply Bistro, Gervais and Wine, and more. Word is there will be some quail stuffed with scallops in the works. How can you miss that? The area will be closed down for the festival, which goes from noon to night this Saturday, featuring three stages of music and other great events all along the area.

Possible New Farmer's Market in the Works on Main Street, Coming Soon!?

Eva Moore at the Free Times reported that Soda City, a major project which originally planned for the Rosewood area but sunk, is now currently in the works for a weekly Main Street invasion. The proposed market would expand on the things going on at 711 Whaley, bringing more local produce vendors, crafts, and artisans into Columbia. City Council votes on the plan this week, stay tuned to find out what goes down.


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