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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Columbia, SC: First Thursdays on Main

Hey folks, this week in Columbia is First Thursdays on Main Street! Every first Thursday there's arts, crafts, food and more going on downtown. This month's First Thursday is sounding pretty terrific, with Godzilla Karoke (I kid you not) down around Paradise Ice, a Nickelodeon Parade to celebrate the new location, and the tapping of a "rare" keg by the Whig! I think 2 Fat 2 Fly and Bone-in Artisan Barbecue Food Trucks will be out also.

Parade starts around 7 I think, stuff going on all evening though. More info on time tomorrow if I find it. Don't miss out, should be a lot of fun!

Get more info on the events going on here.


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