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Monday, June 7, 2010

Columbia Eats: Yesterdays

Few restaurants in Columbia are more well-known then Yesterday's. Located in the heart of Five Points, this unmistakable Columbia landmark has been serving up traditional Southern favorites to locals and for over thirty years.

While Yesterday's features a menu that is sure to satisfy anyone's appetite, their specials are certainly the celebrities. First is the confederate fried steak, a huge breaded monstrosity smothered in white gravy that is sure to fill the hungriest of eaters. Though a special of the restaurant, it can vary in saltiness - make sure you grab some sides that will compliment it.

Though the confederate steak is sure to satisfy, the meatloaf - of all items - may be the shining star of the menu. This half pounder is a surefire winner in my book; well-seasoned and topped with mouth-watering gravy, it takes away the 90s stigma of the dreaded meatloaf and makes you wonder how you could have even entertained the idea of avoiding it all your life. Other favorites in the menu include: Southern fried chicken, a large choice of burgers - a standout being the 'The Big One', a massive half-pound angus burger - a laundry list of sides such as spiced apples or traditional picks like mashed potatoes and mac n' cheese, and of course desert, featuring all the favorites including apple pie, banana pudding, and strawberry shortcake.

No Reservations, The Shakedown on Yesterday's
Atmosphere: Local to the bone.
Cost: Average downtown prices. $8-12.
Try: The meatloaf. A Yesterday's special for sure.
Don't: Make the mistake of putting three fried things together.
Make sure you pick sides that cut some of the salt.

Final Verdict: While they may not be the culinary champions of Columbia, the Southern homecooked favorites, relaxed, conversation-friendly atmosphere, and local crowd makes Yesterday's a must-stop for anyone who wants to taste a real slice of Columbian life. If you are visiting town, make sure you stop by this local establishment to dig into some of your soon-to-be favorites and catch a picture with the man in the tub.

Thanks to Yesterday's official site for the photo.


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