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Monday, June 14, 2010

Columbia Eats: Roly Poly

It may not be completely local, but seeing as there's only two in the state and a handful nationwide, Roly Poly and its unique selection of wraps, sandwiches, and salads are - in my book - enough to the fit the bill for a Columbia Eats segment.

Established in 1996, Roly Poly started out in Atlanta, Georgia, later spreading out into Florida and the New England area. Company owners Linda Wolf and Julie Reid soon decided to take the business to new heights with their 'taste' for success, marketing and promoting their creative sandwich shops around the entire East Coast.

To say that Roly Poly is a little different from the ordinary sandwich shop is an understatement. Featuring specials like 'Thanksgiving' - a turkey wrap stuffed with actual stuffing and cranberry sauce - and the 'Nut and Honey' - a cream cheese wrap with a variety of healthy nuts seeds and veggies - you're bound to find anything and everything you could possibly want on their sprawling menu. Vegetarians will also feel quite at home with the many options including salads, hummus wraps, and more.

Restaurants could easily buckle under a vast menu, but not Roly Poly. Their consistent wraps are sure to delight and surprise the pickiest of eaters. The 'Turkey Applejack' is a savory mix of turkey, bacon, mushrooms, a smattering of sauces including apple butter and basil mayo all topped off with gooey jack cheese. The 'Peachtree Melt' may be one of my favorites: a ham wrap smothered in swiss and brie, it comes with a sweet and tangy peach spread that provides a good kick thanks to some added heat. With a menu filled to the brim with other classy choices like the 'Pesto Chicken' or the 'French Twist' - a spin on the French omelet - you're sure to spend months tossing and turning in the options.

Each wrap comes with a side of either chips, pasta or potato salad. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from the pasta salad, but consider the potato. A nice, cool salad packed with bacon and herbs, it serves as a nice addition to the hot pressed wraps on the menu.

No Reservations, The Shakedown on Roly Poly
Atmosphere: Downtown casual.
Cost: A little steep at $7 considering quantity.
Try: The Peachtree Melt. A sweet, savory, and salty attack on the palate.
a fantastic first wrap to check out.
Don't: Touch that pasta salad. The potato salad is worth a go though.

Final Verdict: All-in-all, Roly Poly's fresh and creative choices serves as a solid alternative to the major chains in the downtown area. A short walk off campus, it makes for a great lunch locale for any student looking to get away from the crowd and taste something a little different from the norm. Be wary of prices though: a half combo will set you back $7, a bit steep for the average USC student - one of the few setbacks of an otherwise satisfying establishment.


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? The pasta salad is the best side option they have to offer! Better than the dry potato sala.

Sibby Meador said...

Wow I agree the pasta salad is wonderful !!

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